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The Language Space

Published July 24, 1994

The theoretical assumption put forward in the present paper is that text is a natural phenomenon, whose development is governed by inner dynamics, as regular as regards any living system. This dynamics becomes acces­sible through the language mechanism. Through language an individual forms his inner mental space into a textual representation. On the surface, because of writing conventions, the text is linearly pro­gressing. Its inner dynamics thus outlined cannot be mea­sured by ordinary frequency counts or relational indica­tors, since those measures pre-require materialisation. Perspective Text Analysis (PTA) is a new methodological development, which handles both the verbal flow and the information flow in text production. The presen­tation gives a short outline of some of the fundamentals of PTA and shows in what way both flows can be linked in an analysis over levels.

Publisher University of Gothenburg
Year 1994
Pages 11
Language English
Collection studiesinconsciousness; additional_collections


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